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Cannabis Business Financing 

**Disclaimer:  CannaLife Insurance Agency has an affiliate relationship with Kush Financial.  Once you leave this website, you are following the terms and conditions set forth by Kush Financial. For more detailed information regarding funding, please be sure to visit the FAQ page of the Kush Financial website.  


Exciting News!  CannaLife Insurance Agency has partnered with Kush Financial, which is an online funding platform that will provide $25k - $150k in funding to qualified businesses.  Kush Financial's solution does not require collateral, tax returns, or proof of sales.  Get funded as quickly as 10 business days, securely and discretely.

​​The online funding solution for Cannabis business owners & entrepreneurs.

At Kush Financial, you do not pay for funding until you are successfully funded.  Payment is taken from the total funding received, which means you don’t have to come up with the money out of pocket to get funded.

Kush Financial's ability to fund their clients comes from an in depth knowledge of consumer credit, underwriting criteria, and unsecured lines of credit that have no pre-payment penalties.

The lines of credit are revolving and can be used over and over without ever having to re-apply for funding.

90% of small businesses rely on credit to grow, and because it takes money to make money, this is critical: 50% of small businesses fail within the first year.

Using credit lines helps business owners overcome cash flow problems, that are responsible for 82% of the businesses that fail.

With the majority of small business loans being denied and the current industry restraints on cannabis lending, having access to credit is the lifeline for any cannabis business.  Without it, it’s nearly impossible to start or grow a business! 

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Insurance coverage for cannabis business owners, executives, and individual users of cannabis products.