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The author of this blog is a life insurance professional with over 30 years of experience. He is also the Founder and Owner of CannaLife Insurance Agency.

Question:  I want life insurance.  Can I be approved for coverage if I smoke marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed etc.? 

Answer:  I get asked this question all the time.  The simple answer is 'YES".  But without proper guidance and advice from a life insurance specialist who knows this market, you may end up doing more harm than good.  By harm, I mean being DECLINED by the insurer!

Question: I'm trained to say "no" when someone asks me if I smoke marijuana. Why should I change now?

​Answer: Pot smokers might be able to honestly answer "no" when the application asks if they use tobacco, but they'll still have some explaining to do about drug use. The life insurance industry considers marijuana use a risk because of its potential to lead to harder drugs. It's not necessarily a reason to decline, but it can certainly raise a red flag. Some life insurance companies reject applicants who smoke pot, some quote them smokers' rates, and others quote standard, non-smoker or preferred depending on frequency of use. Many marijuana users get scared when they see the drug-use question and decide not to apply or even answer untruthfully.

Despite all of the above, fudging the truth is a bad idea! The life insurance medical exam can show you lied, and even if you pass the lab tests, the insurance company can later refuse to pay out on a policy if it learns you misrepresented information on your application.  

For these reasons, your best bet is to consult an independent life insurance agency who has access to products from a variety of companies and knows which insurers are most likely to approve your application and offer you the best rates. Bottom line...be honest, be proud, and CannaLife Insurance will guide you along the way!

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Life Insurance for Marijuana Users