Group Health & Life Insurance

Insurance coverage for cannabis business owners, executives, and individual users of cannabis products.

Group Health/Life Coverage

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​​Cannabis Businesses CAN qualify for Group Health and/or Life Insurance! 

  • Think your cannabis business can’t obtain group health or life insurance?  That used to be true and still is with most insurers.

  • CannaLife Insurance Agency has partnered with a few of the country’s largest insurers.  Group health and/or life insurance for a cannabis business with 2+ employees can be quoted!  This is subject to normal underwriting.

      *Available in 30 states (call for your specific state availability.  AZ/CA are available).

Whether you are looking for group health/life insurance for the first time or you want to compare the coverage and cost to your existing plan, please call Ken for a FREE, no-obligation quote.   Ken is a 30+ year insurance professional, a 35+ year cannabis advocate, and the Founder & CEO of both CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial Solutions.